Economic Status and Legal Rights

By , June 11, 2009 5:17 am

The tribal women’s position within the family is that of domestic laborers, and not of human beings equal to men. The society is patriarchal per definition and male dominated structures weigh heavily against women; they seldom have recourses to justice or influence in decisions. They are marginalized in society because they are tribal, and they are marginalized among the tribals because they are women. They have a very low social status and practically no economic and political rights. The women are poorer than men are because they have no right to decide how the money of the family should be spent. They are voiceless and men would never consider asking their opinion on any matter, even one which is directly related to their lives. Women normally get the blame for everything that is bad, but no credits when things are good. A serious issue is that they are not aware about their legal rights. When physically or mentally abused the women endure the situation, because they think that it is a natural part of being a woman, and the situation cannot change. Husbands and elders do not think twice about bringing in second women, if the first one fails to produce a child – more particularly a son. The society and the people surrounding them exploit them but they do not oppose their husbands and in-laws or ever think of going to the police because they believe that only men can inform police.