Domestic Responsibilities

By , June 11, 2009 5:16 am

The women shoulder unequal responsibility for managing families and domestic duties. They are responsible for caring for the children, the old and the sick. They also have all domestic duties under their area of obligations. On a normal workday the women get up first in the family to fetch fuel wood for cooking and fodder for the cattle. This can be a task that takes hours, as the forests are diminishing and they have to walk further and further. They are also required to bring water to the household, and sometimes the functioning wells are far away. After having prepared the morning meal they are the last ones to eat from the leftovers. Thereafter they will work the whole day in the field, doing harder physical labor than the men. If it is a wage labor job they will earn a much lower salary their male counterparts. In the evenings they have to walk to fetch fuel, water and fodder again. After preparing dinner, and being the last in the house to eat, they have all other domestic duties to take care of such as housekeeping, laundry etc.