Health Program with Male

By , June 11, 2009 4:46 am

Local Panch/Panchayat members:

  • The local leaders and Panch are still require for having more training related to gender and health which can help to improve the reproductive health in the area.

Adolescent Boys:

  • The adolescent period should count from age of 14 and there is strong need to give the education to the youth on the sex, body changes, gender, various sexual diseases including HIV/Aids. To make more effective this, we should organize the district level seminars/workshops and have to invite the experts on various subjects. So, this way we can reach with more people and they can also convey the message.
  • The schoolteachers and other stakeholder of the village have to get the information on the need of the adolescent program through the workshop/seminars/training.
  • There is a need to involve the non-school going adolescent boys in the program. To make more effective this we should provide them various training on income generation activities.

Program with adults:

  • The program with adults in require in the area. We should cover the various subjects through the village meetings/camps/workshops and seminars.